Friday, March 23, 2012

Why success at first attempt is a dream for many?

Dear aspirants as I believe there is no much difficulty in achieving at first attempt in any competitive exam, if we are determined, well planned and making strategic inroads towards our first attempt. I would like to point out following things to achieve the success:
  1. 1. Medium of Instructions: Our language should be perfect enough to understand the subject content. We should have the habit of using dictionary whenever we feel some word or phrase we cannot understand. That one word will spoil our chance of understanding the whole sentence. That sentence might be a valuable bit in your exam.
  2. Schooling / Classroom Teaching: We should not neglect our classroom teaching. This has become a common practice these days that students are not concentrating on class room teaching; instead they are interested in other caching and materials.
  3. Academics: if you are not thorough enough with your academic studies then it indicates that you are half cooked only. Be concentrate first on academic syllabus before starting preparation for your competitive exams.
  4. Coaching Institutes: Join a right institute, avoid fake ones. Otherwise this will be mere waste of your time, money and career.
  5. Study material: select authentic study material. Study a few important books. Don’t confuse yourself with overloading your brain. Save both your time and money.
  6. Revisions: Instead of sitting at a place, by hearting, and trying to make you perfect is farce. Instead go on read the same topic and revise it periodically. Don’t mug-up. Try to understand the concept. The easiest way for quick revisions is go through underlined technical words, scientific names, scientists names, dates, constatnt values, formulas, phrases or definitions once in a while.
  7. Time management: Spend 50 per cent time in reading books and material, 25 per cent time in working out problems or drawings, 25 per cent time in reasoning, thinking, preparing your own tips for quick revisions, discussions, debates, solving previous problems, etc. This practice should be there since the beginning.
  8. Strong will power & determination: We should have this quality. This is the blood and soul of our achievement.
  9. Inspiration: Select any previous topper as a role model for your success.
  10. Have Aims & Dreams: Aim the target with a judicious dream of becoming a doctor, an engineer, an agricultural scientist, an ecologist, etc. And feel as if you are there in your seat!!!
If you have the attitude to make it success and work accordingly, you are sure to succeed. Good Luck....It is a matter of self confidence, right planning, smart work, heahthy mind and healthy body, an habit of peaceful living with less nervousness and tensions.

Achievement at first attempt will be a reality rather than a mere dream !!!

Thanking You


  1. This is the root cause why so many students are wasting their time and money by sticking on to preaparations without correcting the basic drawbacks

  2. yes i feel so. Basically our children lack of language so the knowledge too weak we have to rectify this lacun

    1. thnx for comment lacunae should be identified and rectified

  3. Its a dream for all to attempt success for first time.Which is good.


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