Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Easy Entrance 2 Success

Students who are mainly preparing for Medical, NIT, TET, PG, B.Ed., D.Sc., etc entrance exams should concentrate on the academic syllabus. Grip on the subject, analytical thinking, logical thinking and practice will be helpful for the students to get the seat in medical colleges. Students who are studying should question themselves after every point; that pattern is being given in our upcoming pages. So students have a better chance to practice all the points, improve or refresh their knowledge and understand the syllabus in toto.

Students should practice in question-answer type model. We have simplified the same here for you. They should be able to answer any bit from the syllabus which is asked in the competitive exams. Students who are having basic knowledge on the syllabus and prepare will get the seats easily. Students should remember that they should study in concept oriented basis, as we have given here, in bit by bit process. More than that those students who can not afford to spend a lot of money or time due to variable reasons can follow our material to fulfill their dream of becoming doctors, agricultural scientists, biotechnologists, microbiologists, etc.

One must change with the changing trends. Today we are in the world of cut-throat tremendous competition. To be in the race aiming at your exam must have the thorough understanding of the basics, planned hard work, programming, analytical skills, determination, etc to face the challenges ahead! So we shall try our best to impart basics in our online material. This study material make you win in the examinations with your college or coaching centre faculty guidance.
 Tips to succeed in entrance tests: 
  1. Determination: One should have determination to secure  seat despite of many hurdles or difficulties on the path. 
  2. Planning: One should make organized and planned preparations.  
  3. Smart work: Besides hard work one should be smart enough in having scientific planning and schedules while making studies. 
  4. Exam Pattern: One should know the exam pattern and syllabus stipulated for the exam before starting their preparations. 
  5. Scheduled Preparation: One should maintain a strict time schedule for the exam preparation subject-wise and topic wise. 
  6. Time Management: One needs to master the skills of time management in the exam hall.
  7. Previous Question Papers:  One should study the previous papers, distribution of topic wise marks.
  8. No Priority Rule: One should give priority not only to important topics but also the non important ones. And study bore some topics as much as possible.  Because of tremendous competition questions are being asked from non-important topics also.
Suggestions from students, eminent teachers and parents are always welcome.

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