Friday, March 23, 2012

Can a slow learner succeed in entrance exams?

This is a common notion that those who secure good marks at +1 or + 2 level can only succeed in entrance tests. How far is this true with respect to good scorers and not with slow learners or poor scorers? We should first of all analyse what factors some one turn a slow learner. This is not always related to their IQ's. Some other causes might be there!

  1. Primary Education: There might not be good foundation at primary level of education due to different factors, viz., lack of basic, scientific, and dedicated education system.
  2. Physical & Mental Health: Some pupils health maight not be good enough so that they could imbibe enough the basic standrad of education at primary level.
  3. Medium of Instruction: As a symbol of status, increase in number of english medium schools, imitation or a sense of globalisation most of the parents joining their children in english medium schools. Owing to lack of genuine improvement in language ( because at that level other unnecessary subjects hampering their progress) most of the students are not able to grasp the actual theme of different topics or misunderstanding of topics. This is I think one of the major causes for lack of abilities among students.
  4. Mugging up process: This is a very important cause not letting students to understand the topic or not giving them any chance to present themselves a topic on the paper.
  5. Heavy syllabus: The over enthusiastic culture of stuffing many things in tender brains leading neither to understand nor to develop their own skills in the stream of education.
Note: I think there should less and reasonable amount of syllabus so that efforts would be made in strengthening the "medium of instruction" i.e., english rather than over-stuffing process, in english medium convents or schools. Concentrate on 3R's (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic skills)

By the way, analyse your self, where you missed the tempo. Don's worry. As you mature you can rebuild the missed features in your past education system. Spend a few months time to rebuild yourself with respect to language and basic knowledge. Improve your vocabulary (both spellings and meanings), then you strat afresh. I am damn sure that you will succeed on par with the other fast learners. You will no more be in the category of slow-learners.!!!Thanking you


  1. we should have a strategy to bring afast even the slow learners

    1. Strategies would surely turn even the dead capital

  2. Interest is the thing which can give a chance to reach the goal.So any thing is possible.


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