Sunday, April 15, 2012

Revisions Ultimate for Success in Entrance exams

No doubt students aspiring for competitive exams make a lot of extensive studies hopping over from academic books to books meant for entrance test, etc. How much the content you remember is more important than how much you have read? But don’t forget to tag them all on to your mind. This can be achieved by adopting following tricks.

  1. Use Marker Pen: Always mark new words, scientific names, scientific terms, constant values, formulae, etc. whenever or whatever the book you read.
  2. Maintain File: Clip cuttings from news-papers, magazines, etc of topics relevant to your syllabus.
  3. Graphics ever-last in memory: Reading and preparing diagrams with minute details, memory diagrams, skeleton notes, mnemonics, hints, key concepts, etc. should go simultaneously.  This is both paper and time consuming process. Avoid by-hearting or mugging-up as much as possible.
  4. Diagram speaks your subject: Minute diagrams make you need not to by-heart descriptive topics, experimental studies, etc.. This is much useful in biology.
  5. Formula tells many things: No need to mug-up definitions. Definitions are nothing but the explanation of formulae or formula are the symbolic representations of definitions. You can solve problems too.
  6. Periodic Table the backbone of Chemistry: Don’t by-heart chemistry, instead try to understand periodic table, atomic structure, chemical bonding before learning about chemicals, chemical formulae, valencies, oxidation states, balancing equations, preparation of chemicals, metallurgy, electronics, etc.
  7. Bookmarking: Book mark web pages containing relevant topics in respective folders on your desktop or mobile.
  8. Voice Recording: Whenever free record yourself reading important points to listen to the same while travelling or before exams.
  9. Intensive Revisions: Start your revision at least six weeks before your exams begins


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