Monday, April 9, 2012

Success through Mother Tongue

"This has become  fashionable these days to study in English Medium Schools. Good!  No doubt this is very much useful in the days of globalization. When? ................Even if the subject is not understood?

Whether reading topics in English is important or understanding the same? One should give a thought to this issue.

I have found in most of the schools all over the country that there is a craze for English. We least worry about whether what we teach is really being understood by our students. A very little importance is given for making students understand topics. Our education system is full of policies, programmes, schemes, methodologies, systems, statistics, progress reports, anti-child labour slogans, literacy slogans, many more..... Instead of making students to understand what they read, write and speak, simply we are wasting time in forcefully stuffing the content into their brains, which is not at all digestible.

Either give instructions in their respective mother tongue or give the meaning for new words, even for science and social subjects."

So all students are suggested to verify themselves whether they could understand any word or sentence or even a topic in their mother tongue? Lets start this way to read each and every bit to answer direct or indirect questions or conceptual or logical questions in your incoming examinations to secure a successful rank.

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